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Higher Purpose

Can marketing communications have a “higher purpose?” Perhaps. We believe audiences want something beyond hip design and clever copy. They expect — from the brand and its communications — something believable, and more important, something to believe in. We all do. And when we believe, we join up, we buy into, and maybe we buy. Our job is to help brands discover higher purpose, and then to help communicate the value they offer. We tell stories through the content we create. It’s always uniquely targeted and it breaks through the clutter.

Perhaps your brand has something meaningful to offer. Maybe your brand or enterprise has business traits that are “lower true cost” marketable differences, i.e., unique selling points that could position your brand as top-of-mind, leader-of-category, for citizens who are shopping for more than just price and convenience. Many customers — especially millennials — are starting to shop for products and services that have “lower true costs” to their health, to the environment and to society.  And these days, what “higher purpose” can a brand possess than a positive impact on the planet and its people?

Interest and demand for “lower true cost” products and services is already strong and will only grow in the coming years. Does “lower true cost” matter to your customers? Have you considered the positioning possibilities? Are you ready? Find out. Take this “Quick Audit.”