LEAN Communications

Lean Communications is a system developed by renga communications for its clients. It’s designed to save your communications function money and time, while increasing its quality and impact.

Lean Communications is based on common-sense communications strategies combined with LEAN Manufacturing philosophy. LEAN
is a process management system that streamlines and improves operations by removing waste. This combination has created a totally new tool for communicators. It meets the needs of today’s communications professional by giving you a unique way to be more efficient and more creative.

And Lean is green! Lean Communications get the right message delivered to the right audience using the right media getting
the right results with a minimum of waste.

The Lean Communications system brings you tips on communicating efficiently, provides examples of waste to look for within the standard communications process, and creates a system that will allow your team quickly to come to consensus on solutions, implement those solutions and sustain them.

renga communications LEAN consultants have Lean Enterprise Black Belt training and have managed culture change and global
communications for Lean implementation at Fortune 1000 companies.


We believe that Communicate LEAN is a tool best used to make your jobs easier and to reduce material waste that will save your company money and make the planet a better place to live. It’s a sophisticate method to find more ways to reuse, reduce and recycle.

What a waste!

Many businesses don’t realize that it’s cheaper and more efficient to be creative – to do something different. They don’t realize that creativity is Lean. Why is creativity Lean? Because to successfully communicate you must first have the awareness of your audience. Then you must earn the right to maintain their attention. If you don’t, all the resources you put into your communications are a waste. Breaking through the media clutter is a necessity, not an option. Following it up with clear and compelling communications is equally important to communications efficiency.

Top Ten Things Sustainable Communications and Lean Communications Can Do for You:

  1. deliver to your audience the right message using the right media getting the right results with a minimum of waste
  2. save you money
  3. save you time
  4. reduce the resources necessary to reach your goals (and decrease your carbon footprint)
  5. help integrate your communications into your company’s and your community’s sustainability strategies
  6. give you more time to work on creative breakthrough
  7. make your job easier
  8. give you the opportunity to stop, take a breath and evaluate your communications processes
  9. show you new ways of managing your communications through standard-work documentation and measuring incremental and
    sustainable improvements
  10. explore whether you’re in strategic alignment and whether you’re using meaningful metrics

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